Our Editing Process

You may wonder what extra steps we do in order to make each and every photo look it’s best. We spend the extra time on every one of our photos to get you the best result. Below I’ve outlined just a few of the key procedures we implement in order to achieve our signature look. 

Windows you can See Through

We use a special process that allows us to keep the room looking naturally lit whilst preventing your windows from being blown out. This process allows us to mix the perfect amount of flash and natural light to make your rooms look like they are straight out of a magazine.

Extra Lighting and Special Touches

Our goal is to make sure that every room is perfectly lit. This includes background rooms that are attached to the room we are photographing. We use external flashes in all visible rooms to make them just as interesting as the room being photographed. We also put fires in fireplaces, replace TV screens, and remove reflections.

No More Dreary Basements

Without the right techniques, basements can look pretty dull. The ceilings in every one of our photos is whitened to make rooms look bigger and brighter. We make every room look inviting, even without much natural light. 

For more information about what is included in our photo packages, CLICK HERE.

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