How to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photo & Video

The Exterior

  • Book your appointment at the time of day when the front of the house is shown in a good natural light
  • Choose a bright and clear day
  • Move all cars out of the driveway
  • Remove any clutter such as garbage bins and hoses from outside the property
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clean the windows

The Interior

  • Moving furniture around to locations that will make each room look more spacious
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs and make sure the home is well lit
  • Have all of the lights on and ready for when the photographer arrives
  • Open all curtains and blinds
  • Use fresh flowers to liven up the property

The Living Rooms/Family Rooms

  • Remove scruffy throws from sofas
  • Arrange cushions to look smart and tidy
  • Set dining room tables
  • Remove rugs, especially where you have wooden or tiled floors
  • Any children’s toys or piles of magazines, DVDs etc should be out of sight

The Bedrooms

  • Make the bed and choose bed clothes that compliment the room
  • Anything stored under the bed should be completely out of sight
  • All drawers and wardrobe doors should be shut
  • Ensure nothing is hanging on the back of the door

The Kitchen

  • Clear all work tops and make sure there are no tea towels or chopping boards on show
  • Move bins out of sight
  • Clear away appliances
  • Close all cupboards
  • Hide all fridge magnets
  • Clear the sink (no dirty dishes!)
  • If you have pets, hide their food bowls and beds
  • A full, fresh fruit bowl can add a flash of colour

The Bathrooms

  • Keep the toilet lid down
  • Remove clutter like shower gels and tooth brushes
  • Close the shower curtain
  • Remove toilet paper from its holder
  • Any towels should be neatly arranged and folded, and chosen to compliment the room
  • Hide garbage cans, plungers, and toilet cleaning brush
  • Draw the shower curtain halfway
  • Ensure nothing is hanging on the back of the door

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